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Iryn Namubiru – Ugandan Singer Who Let Fans Touch Her Private Parts Whilst Performing

Meet the Female Ugandan Singer Who Let Fans Touch Her Private Parts Whilst Performing (See Video and Pictures Below)

Iryn Namubiru 4

A few days ago in the USA,Ugandan singer Iryn Namubiru while on stage doing her thing suddenly went gaga by coming up with the idea of becoming super famous by allowing her fans have a feel of her vajayjay…Yeah she is now famous…LOL

Some of her fans want to know if she at least enjoyed the experience.

Irving 2Iryn Namubiru on stage doing her evil act

Is there a positive way to spin this act?

How crazy could this world ever be? God have mercy!

Iryn Namubiru, also known as Irene Namubiru is a female, Ugandan performing artist, resident in ParisFrance.

According to Iryn, she has always had a passion for singing since her childhood and always strove to make this talent a bigger part of her life. Her first major attempt at success in the music industry came in 1995 when she joined singers-cum-rapper DJs Ragga Dee and Molar -Messe[disambiguation needed] , as the group ‘Da Hommies’, and Joss Jjew Mawejje as studio arranger keyboardist, helping release a series of singles including the group’s hits Bamusakata, Mukwano, Mukyala tokaba, early 1995. Her very own first single learn to love also appeared on the group’s subsequent album to geat acclaim. Soon after wards, she had her first stage appearance in September 1995.

In 1999, she joined Juliana Kanyomozi, her former school mate at Namasagali College, and together they formed the R&B all-girl group called I-Jay. In 2000, they released their first single which got ‘moderate’ air play on radio stations in Uganda.


Iryn Namubiru Pictures

Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru 1

Iryn Namubiru 4

Iryn Namubiru 3

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  1. I heard that you performed quite recently in Paris, France. What kind of music do you sing, I hope is club music. I am a Liberian currently living in the United States of America. Within about thirty (30) days I will be opening a Club. It would be nice to have you within my collection. I plan on having a variety of music which include, reggae music, African music, rap and club music. Follow me on twitter or call me 1(312)804-4221

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


  2. cheap whore,what kind of Picture do u create infront of your kids.

  3. Ir has recently done alot of silly staff kale oswazza such a shame really

  4. She is beautiful also sexy that is celebrity for you

  5. am nt surprised cz she has dne it always and besies that big names in the industry al over the world do worser things than her

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