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Mens Fashion : How to Dress to Impress Girls

How to Dress to Impress Girls – Tips to looking Good

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Mens Fashion : When a  man is  well dressed it takes a lot for a girl not to notice. It is the first impression to a girl; Girls are extremely impressed by men who knows how to look good. Some women believe the attitude of a man can be determined by his appearance. Therefore it is a misconception that men can’t be and should not be fashion conscious because they are men.

Below are tips on how to dress to impress a girl

The first tip is looking clean and tidy, One don’t necessary need a 1million dollar clothe to look good. Wearing a  clean, freshly laundered and well ironed clothe that is free of stains, holes, fade and tears no matter how much is what matters. Girls definitely notice such slovenly dressing, and it’s a major turnoff.

Mens Fashion

Mens Fashion : clean and tidy

Alot of men do not know how to match their clothes. Colors are the most important thing,you must consider three things: Color, Cut,  and pattern. Don’t combine different patterns and prints, like wearing a plaid shirt with striped pants. Keep your look simple, but stylish. For example, pair printed shirts with solid colored pants or shorts. Alternatively, tame embellished or striped pants with a plain polo shirt. A stylishly simple outfit that is sure to get you noticed would be a nice pair of jeans, a crisp white t-shirt worn under a v-neck sweater or polo shirt with a new pair of sneakers or black loafers.


Mens Fashion : Colour to Match

T-shirts should be long enough to cover the top 3 inches of jeans, but not much longer. This will look sloppy. Sleeveless shirts like wife-beaters are a sure way to make a poor impression. If you MUST show off your arm muscles, then wear a short sleeved shirt. That should be good enough.


Mens Fashion : Size and Length is Important

Wear appropriate shoes. Don’t wear sneakers with suits, or wear flip flops on a date (unless the date is at the beach). Girls pay particular attention to a guy’s shoes, and they can be extremely picky. Always wear black dress shoes and black socks with a suit or dress pants. Wear clean sneakers and white socks with jeans and shorts.The colour of the belt must be the same shade of colour of that of the shoe.


Mens Fashion : Appropriate Shoes 

Keep jewelry and other accessories to a minimum. Very few girls like men that do alot of jewelry. A nice watch, a ring or a silver chain necklace is enough. Don’t go overboard with multiple rings, necklaces and bracelets. You can also accessorize your look with hats, scarves and belts.

Business Casual

Mens Fashion :  Keep it Simple

No “swag” Alot of girls think this is useless in your fashion style. The sagging thing is an age thing and does not look good on every man; its not a style for a gentle man.


Mens Fashion : Avoid Sagging

The next tip is wearing of nice looking well fitted clothes. Again it need not be 1 million dollars for a clothe to fit.  Jeans should fit snugly at the waist – not too baggy and not too tight. Pants and blazers should be tailored to fit at the waist and shoulders. Jacket arms should be an appropriate length – reaching the wrists when your arms are at your side. Likewise, pants should hit directly at your ankles when in your standing position.

Look Simple

Mens Fashion : Fitting Matters

Events determines what to wear. For casual: *Beach *Picnics *Barbeques *Children’s Birthday Parties *A date to the Movies * A coffee date * A bowling date *A sports game or video games *Finals Week at School etc. This includes clothes like Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps and funky patterns belong here.

beach wear for men

Mens Fashion : Dress for the Occassion

Semi-Casual: *church (perhaps) *Clubbing *A Friend’s Birthday Party *The First Day of School or a Job *A job interview. This category includes khakis, polo shirts, sweater vests, and dark jeans except in the workplace. Rugby shirts are nice as well.


Mens Fashion : Casual Cool and Great

Semi-Formal: * A funeral *A wedding (if you’re not in the wedding party)(Beach weddings are general semi-casual, but you might want to ask), *A Dance (unless it’s described as formal) *A Mixer *A cocktail party *A work party *Church (perhaps)This includes ties, black dress shoes, black dress pants, and a dress jacket or blazer. A button down shirt (white is your best bet) must be worn.

mens-semi Formal

Mens Fashion : Semi – Formal

Formal: *Your own wedding *You’re Own Funeral (kidding) *The Opera *Anything that ends in ball *Most galas *A wedding (You’re in the family or in the wedding party). This includes a dress shirt, Tie, Bow Tie, cuff links, and a Tuxedo. Don’t forget you dress shoes.

Wedding Formal wear

Mens Fashion : Formal 

Finally the most important point is being comfortable in what you wear because it is what gives you confidence and confidence is a quality a woman love to see in every man.

Confidence Men Fashion

Mens Fashion : The Best you can ever wear – Confidence

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    I agree with you about feeling comfortable in what you wear! It keeps you looking and feeling good as well as gives you a solid sense of confidence! Thanks for these tips, great article!

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