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African Fashion – Hot and Trendy Styles in African Print.

African Prints has always been a fabric of elegance close to the heart of Africans.

Michelle Edmond3by Michelle Edmond

It is a colourful fabric with a lot of tribal patterns printed on it, produced in Africa, commonly known as ‘Ankara’ prints in Nigeria, ‘Dutch wax’ in Ghana, ‘Kanga prints’ in Tanzania and other East African countries, Ikat, Batik, mud cloth and so on.

Thanks to modern twist and styles, there is wide range of uses from brides’ and bridesmaids’ dresses, ball gowns, casuals to other formal wears. The sweet thing is that they can now be used to make some other fashion accessories like, bags, earrings, bangles, shoes and many more.

In short it is a tribal and fashion trend now with everybody tuning into it, even celebrities in and outside Africa.
Here are some trendy designs for those who want to rock or experiment with an African print.


BeyonceBeyonce looking chic on African Print


by naKIMuliby naKIMuli

Jamala Johnby Jamala John

Kitenge LookKitenke Look

Laura Laure.1by Laura Laure

Laura Laureshoes by Laura laure

Michelle c1Jump suit by Michelle CMichelle C2by Michelle C.


Yassine Dialo.2by Yassine Dialo


Michelle Edmondby Michelle Edmond

Michelle Cby Michelle C.

Michelle C.6by Michelle C

Michelle C.4by Michelle C


  1. can you post a link as to where these items can be purchased or more information about the designers? Thank you!

  2. This design are inspiring. Nice one

  3. i am in love with the styles

  4. i love your styles

  5. Here the link to a designer using only african wax

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